When Dining, Be More Pacific!

Be More Pacific Kitchen and Bar Food
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Reading the title, one is likely to assume that I’ve not used spellcheck or Grammarly. While it’s likely and highly possible, that’s not the case this day.

In fact, I had never heard of Be More Pacific until I was invited to lunch by another friend and brother, Youtuber Chris Massie.

It had been a while since we last caught up, and Chris thought it to be a great idea to catch and shoot his next episode in the series “Best Filipino Food in Austin…” And what a time we had too!

Be More Pacific was easy to find, located just a block east of Mopac and Anderson Lane, at the corner of Shoal Creek and Anderson Lane.

Of course, I couldn’t help but notice a domain prominently displayed above social media handles for Twitter and Facebook on the back of Be More Pacific’s food truck parked at the parking lot entrance: BeMorePacificTruck.com.

While I was glad to see a restaurant promoting a domain name on its food — most Austin-based food trucks don’t advertise a domain on their food truck and should, I was a bit puzzled at the domain name choice.

I get adding the keyword “truck” to the brand name for the purposes of the food truck, but surely there must be a different domain for the restaurant itself.

Once parking and entering into their venue, it wasn’t long before I discovered Be More Pacific uses a completely different domain than advertised on their food truck: BeMorePacificKitchenAndBar.com.

The good news is BeMorePacificTruck.com redirects to BeMorePacificKitchenAndBar.com. The bad news is that BeMorePacificKitchenAndBar.com is quite long while BeMorePacific.com sits registered and available for purchase from a 3rd party.

Unable to discern the asking price for BeMorePacific.com from its landing page, I recommend operators or owners of Be More Pacific inquire to secure the domain and protect their brand.

In addition, I also recommend purchasing the following geo brand domains:

While I don’t know the expansion plans for Be More Pacific (if any exist) to grow beyond Austin, investing in the aforementioned domains could prove to be a worth investment should the restaurant remain local.

If going beyond local and 5 or more restaurants, then it’s a no-brainer to invest in BeMorePacific.com.

However, the restaurant business is a low margin business that may or may not perceive the value of a digital presence. After all, most restaurants are graded on location, venue, parking, and most importantly, food.

Be More Pacific’s venue is certainly one great for a corporate event, birthday bash, networking, and date night — see the perfect spot for a nice couples pic.

And as for their food… simply have to watch the video below to discover all the tasty cuisines sampled. That’s all for now!


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