Ending Child Poverty, One Nose at a Time.

It's Red Nose Day!
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While visiting a local Walgreens this morning, I discovered another domain while awaiting checkout: RedNoseDay.org.

Walgreens Red Nose Day

Based on what little I read about while standing in line, I accurately assumed it to be a charity of some sort selling Red Noses as a way to donate and raise awareness for a specific cause.

More specifically, if you’re not familiar with Red Nose Day, it’s an organization and effort to band together to end child poverty, one nose at a time.

I’m not intimately familiar with Red Nose Day or the non-profit organization Comic Relief Inc., a registered U.S. 501(c)(3) public charity.

But upon reviewing their website, I’ve come to discover this organization has successfully raised over $100 million and changed the lives of over 8 million children in America and around the world in 3 years of service.

So why the red nose? Well, the Red Nose is simple yet powerful, visible and playful. It brings folks together, breaks down barriers, and reminds us all of the power of laughter as medicine for the soul.

To get involve or make a donation, simply visit RedNoseDay.org or your local Walgreens to purchase one or more Red Noses.

Then, don’t forget to tune into NBC for a special night of prime-time programming Celebrating Red Nose Day.

All in all, I was impressed with the domain selection of RedNoseDay.org although the matching .com, RedNoseDay.com, redirects to a HTTPS / SSL page that states the connection for the .com page is not private.

They’ll certainly want to get this fixed to stop the possible traffic leak on their big day! ?

Thanks and that’s all for now!

Alvin Brown
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