ATX Charity Kickball Tournament ATX Charity Kickball Tournament
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The weekend is nearly here and so is an opportunity to participate in and support a charity kickball tournament taking place in Austin, Texas March 30th (12-8pm).

But to participate in this event, you’ll need to be 11 years of age or older and ready to pay out and sign up before the registration deadline of March 22nd (TODAY!).

And it’s not just any ole’ kickball tournament, but one sponsored by Catalysta mobile community developing individuals personally, professionally, and spiritually, helping others bring their unique purpose to life. All entry fees and donations going directly to serving at-risk teens via Effie Center After Hours program.

I discovered this event as I scrolled through my LinkedIn newsfeed and saw a post from Catalyst Founder, Joe Elliott, that was quite entertaining to say the least.

The image itself of two gents from what appears to be the 80’s was enough of a distraction to make me laugh and click to find out more. ATX Charity Kickball Tournament

While the image is laughable and disturbing at the same time for a variety of reasons, I couldn’t help but notice the perfect positioning and promotion of their .com domain for the event: is a good geo, brandable domain for such a local or hyperlocal event such as a kickball tournament.

While it’s short and easy to remember, I would actually vote for being the better choice even though most locals, especially young adults and teens, are familiar with the phrase “ATX” representing Austin, Texas.

It most cases, it’s always wise to register long spelling and abbreviated versions of domains, especially when opting to use the abbreviated domain to represent the online presence.

You don’t want to inadvertently lose traffic or find out that competition has registered, is capitalizing and profiting on your costly oversight of not registering domain variations.

Many people either discount how much is lost, simply ignore, or just do not know the cost for such negligent actions when it comes to domain names.

Very much like physical real estate value is determined by location, so are domain names and the importance of securing the right one(s).

But enough about domain names for now. Head on over to sign up and read up on kickball details at

In the mean time, I can’t wait to shut’er down so that I can kick it this weekend. Have a great weekend and see you back here next week.

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