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While meeting a friend for a long overdue lunch at good ole’ Rudy’s BBQ here in Austin, Texas, I stumbled upon an interesting advertisement.

As most of you know, emoji have nearly hit every corner of the earth as one of the hottest forms of communication, especially amongst Gen-Xers, millennials and younger.

In fact, emoji have not only found their way into email marketing for businesses, but are even making a splash as domains. Yes, emoji domains are real!

But as for this particular ad, it appears that “Talkin’ Texan Just Ain’t Gonna Be The Same” with the latest release of Texas Emoji Stickers app (released February 22, 2018).

Texas Emoji Stickers iOS App

Per the Rudy’s Bulletin ad, an iOS app — launched by Daniel Larsen and offered at $2.99 — provides 96 Texas Emoji Stickers with many more on the way. As the ad states:

Y’all are fixin’ to have more fun than you can shake a stick at, just sending these Texas Emoji Stickers. Made for Texas, by a born-and-raised Texas. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, you’ll now have a way to express everything you ever feel about being a Texan. Come hell or high water, you’ll have a stick for every Texas saying, Texas food, Texan joke, and Texan feeling that ever graced this great state.

What truly caught my attention about the ad was it’s use and choice of a .LINK domain: TexasEmoji.App.Link/BBQ.

It’s not often I discover a personal or business brand using a .LINK domain, knowing .LINK is a new top-level domain.

Nevertheless, both TexasEmoji.App.Link and TexasEmoji.App.Link/BBQ redirect to Apple’s App Store Preview page for the app.

Texas Emoji Sticker App Preview

I’ve not tried the app, but assume there are more than enough diehard Texans ready to download and go Texas Emoji sticker crazy with this new app.

Of course, my mind seldom stops at an initial domain discovery. In addition to using a .link domain, I discovered Daniel launched a website dedicated to the app using a brandable geo .com domain: TexasEmoji.com.

While I hat tip to Daniel for registering and developing TexasEmoji.com, unfortunately, he left the backdoor open not defensively registering TexasEmojiSticker.com and TexasEmojiStickers.com. YIKES! ?

In closing, if Texas Emoji Stickers aren’t your thing or it don’t scratch your itch, then maybe you should give BassFishingEmoji.com a visit — a website dedicated to provide emoji for bass fishing fanatics.com. ?

Emoji for Bass Fishing Fanatics

That’s all for now!

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