Lawn mowing company markets perfect .co domain

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It’s not very often that I’ve encountered a .co domain.

I own a handful of .co domain names, but most are for the sole purpose of development and nothing more.

.co was once touted as the new kid on the block that every startup would venture to when the .com was taken for the domain they wanted so desired.

There have been many .co sales to occur over the years based on and

However, .co came and went, and now .io is the new diamond in rough that cool and hip tech companies are clamoring over when registering a short and easy to brand domain when the .com is not available.

Although .co’s day came and went, it didn’t go out without a bang.

In fact, the .co crew that set the bar for how to market new domain extensions made a rather quick exit after 4-5 years of building and marketing the .co brand to profitable success.

And it wasn’t a small exit either, selling for $109 million to Neustar.

Local Austin lawn care services company markets using

Nevertheless, my wife spotted a .co domain name being used by a professional lawn care services company here in Austin at a red light.

Cutting Edge Lawn Care -

In my opinion, I think how Cutting Edge Lawn Care chose to market their business is quote interesting and one that all business owners should review.

What I like about the use of is that its catchy and easy to remember. Seriously, say it out loud? How could you forget it.

Not only that, but should you inadvertently type .com instead of .co, you would know instantly that you arrived at the wrong website and not a competitor.

When you type in .com instead of .co, you’re redirected to website, a leading global management consulting firm.

Speaking of domain redirection, when you type in, it redirects to, which is the primary website for Cutting Edge Lawn care.

Talking about two good domains they’ve secured and use for their lawn care business that has been in existence serving north Austin since 1982.

What terms are customers likely to use to search for lawn care services?

Of course, I started typing variations of both domains to see if other domains had been registered. Here’s what I found

Out of the available domain names, I really like the terms “cutting yards” and “yard cutting”.

It may be a Southern thing that happens here in Texas, but I think many customers might refer to the service as “cutting yards” and “yard cutting”.

Then again, this may be my own experience and life lens clouding my vision. 🙂

Regardless, I think there are at least 4-5 domains that one could brand and do quite well growing a lawn mowing or cutting business from local to global without having to change domains.

Other examples of companies successfully using brandable domains are and

In fact, I was a customer for about 3-4 months when I had more important priorities than mowing the lawn myself. was a great and affordable service, although there was a miss here or there based on what lawn crew showed up to cut.

But all in all, I would try them again.

As for, I encountered their truck as I arrived home from the office one day. They appeared to have cut my neighbors yard (see below).

Just Right Lawns

Looks like a reasonable company although I’ve not seen back since that day I encountered them.

I assume they won’t be back based on seeing crews around the last few weeks.

Nevertheless, I really like what Cutting Edge Lawn Care has done with their domains CuttingLawns and, especially how has been effectively used and marketed.

It’s not too often that I would choose or recommend a .co over a .com domain name, yet this would be the one time i would hands down.

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