Multi-church, non-profit organization uses Good Friday domain in TV ad

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I had to share this quick post with you today as I was quite surprised, yet impressed by a non-profit or religious organization’s use of a domain to celebrate Resurrection Day 2016, also known as Easter by some.

I happened to be watching tv when I caught Good Friday 2016’s advertisement.  I wasn’t really aware of what it was or who was hosting it.  

However, I did manage to rush into the room, grab my phone, and rush back to grab a quick snapshot (see below).

Good Friday in Austin, Texas

So, of course, I rushed to get my laptop just to see what it was all about.  I was impressed further more when I typed the domain,, into a web browser and it redirected to

Not familiar with, it’s over 300 churches across Austin coming together Friday March 25th at the Frank Erwin Center to remember what Jesus did for us in one big service.  The website is very well put together.  Do visit, but know that tickets are sold out.

Nevertheless, I think did a good job in choosing a popular term used to represent the Friday before Easter.

As for the domain choice, both are good domains, but I really like the strategy of using the term “Good Friday” along with “ATX”, an abbreviation of Austin.

The only misstep I could find was that didn’t register* as a defensive registration.

To be quite honest, it’s not often that religious or non-profit organizations make such a stellar decision to invest in domains that as a part of spreading their message.

So, hats off to and their choice of domain.  I just hope they register the long version of the domain for future use.

That’s all I have to share today.  If you were fortunate enough to secure FREE TICKETS, then do enjoy the worship experience.  If not, then take a quick look at the Good Friday ATX video below to learn more.

See you next post.

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