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I’m back with another Rudy’s bulletin adventure, and today’s find is a lively new top-level domain( new TLD) usage to go along with a few breakfast tacos and a cup of sweet tea goodness to wash it down.

Upon entering Rudy’s, I frequently stop to mull over the various print ads on display. It didn’t take long for my eye to spot an ad touting a .live new TLD domain: MusicFirsthand.Live.

As you can see and read above in the ad, Music Firsthand host’s a live streaming show via their Facebook page every Tuesday night at 7pm that consists of comedians interviewing musicians.

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Out of all the ads I discovered, as you’ll soon see, this one ad really captures the essence of a forward-thinking company that is strategically embracing tomorrow’s technology today.

Little did I realize, but Music Firsthand is based in Austin, Texas, having launched in 2016. Per their modern, responsive website that boasts an invite-only beta testing of their app:

Music Firsthand is more than a technology platform that matches musicians with individuals and businesses for live music performances. The company strives to make the connection personal by matching based on more than just music genre, but taking into consideration lifestyle and brand. A better fit leading to a better experience.

What an interesting, yet creative and innovative use of technology right in the heart and backyard of the World’s Mecca of Music.

Of course, discovering Music Firsthand’s branding of a .live domain as their digital presence left me wondering if they did so because they didn’t secure the matching .com? ?

It was like “music to my ears” to discover not only that is registered, but that it redirects to MusicFirsthand.Live. This is the perfect example of a company that get’s how to bridge from present to future. ?

In my humble opinion, if you’re going to establish your digital presence using a new TLD, then it’s always in your best interest to register and redirect the matching .com.

In fact, I encourage Music Firsthand to also defensively register the domain The fact is that some may see it in passing but not remember the dot placement, remembering only the words and inadvertently appending .com to the end of it.

This use case is very encouraging not only from a domain and technology perspective, but also from a marketing perspective. It’s quite clever to have created a wildly popular live streaming show via Facebook as a loss leader to promote their overall live-music-performance-matching service.

Of course, the argument could be said that one could do the same using YouTube, Wista, Amazon or another 3rd party app of some sort.

That’s true, but I’m more focused on the fact that Music Firsthand has identified a very engaging and captive method to draw the worlds of comedy and music together at once.

Everyone loves good music of their liking and laughter is medicine for the heart and soul to keep us all hopeful of a better future.

Speaking of future, I’ve got to run as it’s about time for Comedians Interviewing Musicians to kickoff! Hope to see you there…

Thanks and that’s all for now!

Watch Comedians Interviewing Musicians .Live Streaming Show! Click To Tweet
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