Easter at .Church and the House of Brown

Easter 2018
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The House of Brown is recovering from a joyous Resurrection Weekend, also known as Easter by many throughout the world.

What now has become an annual tradition at our home, we hosted about 10 families in our front yard with music, food, and engaging conversation.

Each year has been a great time to connect with neighbors, friends, and church family. Each year has grown as neighbors and friends have joined the fold.

Nevertheless, with about 20 or so kids between 10 families chomping at the bit to hunt eggs, we kicked things off promptly with an Easter Egg hunt.

What an experience we realized as we made new memories well into the evening, enjoying warm weather with a slight breeze to boot.

But as with all things in life, every good thing comes to an end — especially with Sunday worship services fast approaching.

Sunday arrived, and we made our way to one of four Mosaic Church Austin’s worship services to celebrate our risen Savior rising from the grave to atone the sin for all humanity.

While in transit to our church, of course, we encountered a banner from another local church body inviting folks out to their “Easter at Gateway”worship service.

As you can see, the banner (stretched across a busy Anderson Mill Rd. near HWY 183) displays GatewayChurch.com and states “Easter at Gateway” includes live music and photo booth (in addition to the common worship experience).

Although I liked the positioning of the banner’s domain, my mind couldn’t help but think whether or not EasterAtGateway.com was registered.

In my opinion, “Easter at Gateway” text could have easily been promoted as a domain name. Unfortunately, I checked the availability for EasterAtGateway.com, and found it to be registered, and not resolving to a website.

I then checked the availability for EasterAtChurch.com, and found it to also be registered, and resolving to a GoDaddy parked page.

I then remembered the story shared a week earlier about a local-Austin church using a .church domain, and decided to check the availability of EasterAt.Church.

To my surprise, EasterAt.Church is registered and redirects to pccfw.org, which is the digital presence for Fort Wayne, Indiana based Pathway Community Church.  In addition to using pccfw.org, Pathway Community Church also uses pccfw.tv.

Talk about a good domain strategy for one of the biggest Sundays for most churches — equivalent to being a Super Bowl Sunday.

This then led me to search domain availability for the following phrases — likely large attendance days for churches (* denotes domains available at hand registration fee at the time of publication):

The above domains are great opportunities for churches to create unique experience to set themselves apart and rise above the rest.

In addition, there are certainly a number of additional domain opportunities likely available depending upon denomination and church location.

Now that I’ve stoked your creative fire, I’m signing off. That’s all for now!

Alvin Brown
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