Wine Down Your Wednesdays in Austin!

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A few days ago I attended a breakfast meeting at the Blue Baker at The Arboretum in Austin.

While I was waiting for the other person to arrive, I stumbled upon a sign that read “Wine Down Wednesdays”, a “Happy Hour”-esque event for the 21 and over crowd.

Wine Down Wednesdays - Austin, Texas - The Arboretum

While certainly a clever marketing phrase and play on “Wind Down Wednesdays”, I also noticed on the same advertisement making use of a geo domain name for a given area of Austin:

For those of you not familiar with Austin, the Blue Baker is located in the Northwest Austin corridor in an area known as The Arboretum — established in early September of 1986.

In my opinion, can be a bit challenging to spell especially if you are not a local Austin night or just anyone familiar with Austin in general.

So my mind begin wondering about whether or not there was a better domain to represent the brand “Wine Down Wednesdays”.

So of course, I whipped out my trusty iPhone, cracked open a browser, gave a visit, and searched high and low for phrases related to Wine Down Wednesdays.

Conducting a Go Daddy search for various domains here are the domains that I discovered (* denotes domain available for registration at time of publication):

Out of all the domains searched, I really like While one would hope for owning and developing the exact-match domain,, it was registered as is

Nevertheless, I like because it’s less keystrokes and more of the Austin social scene is referring to Austin, Texas as the A-T-X.

That said, if I were to brand a Austin-based event, especially a happy hour event, then I would like attempt to purchase both and, and their respective inverted domains as brand protection.

But that’s enough domain talk for today, as it’s time to wind down this Wednesday.

It goes without saying, but please drink and sip responsibly wining down your Wednesday.

In closing, if you missed previous “Wine Down Wednesdays”, there will be another next month.

Thanks and that’s all for now!

Alvin Brown
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