Protecting your digital presence with defensive domain registrations

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Today’s domain find I’m sharing is about a neighbor’s lost four-pawed family member.  This story hits too close to home for me.

The great escape…

A few years back, our two boxers got out for half a day on the town and ventured six streets over without my wife and I ever knowing until the latter part of the evening.

It wasn’t until my parents called to check on my wife who was pregnant at the time. It never fails, my parents call and eventually ask about the dogs and how they are doing.  When they asked, I went to show them they were outside either playing or napping.

That wasn’t the case this day.  The dogs were no where to be found in the backyard.  This didn’t seem odd to me. We tend to bring the our dogs in for a late afternoon nap.  It wasn’t until I came in and found their custom-made kennel empty that I begin to wonder and panic a bit.

I asked my wife had she let the dogs in.  She stated they were outside in the backyard.  And I did as Scooby would, “Ruh Roh”.  Houston, we have a problem as the dogs were not in the house or the backyard.

So, I checked the gate closest to their dog house and it was locked.  Then, I checked the other gate to find it had been left open.

Truth be told, it was an Austin City Inspector’s fault our dogs escaped.  The city inspector was to inspect our sprinkler system.  He inspect the sprinkler system, yet he left the gate open for the dogs great escape.

Where does one begin to search for lost pets?

Well, let the search begin.  My wife and I got in the truck and begin to drive around the neighborhood.

GoDaddy is “fee-lying and purring” in Cats With Hats campaign.

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I received an email as well as saw a few posts on Twitter about GoDaddy’s latest and newest marketing campaign: Go You. GoDaddy.

As for the new “Go You” campaign, which GoDaddy was wise enough to purchase and redirect it to it’s main website, GoDaddy’s focus is on helping it’s target market achieve the following:

  • Get started with a business
  • Attract and retain customers
  • Stay organized while growing

Go You. We Know You Can. GoDaddy.

When your business outgrows its domain name…

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Is it really possible that a company, regardless of the size, could outgrow their domain name or digital presence?

Hmm… That is the question that entered my mind.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve shared quite a few encounters with companies that are using geo keyword or keyword geo domains.

Today is no different, as the company I’ll discuss is using a geo keyword domain.

And the story goes like this…

Multi-church, non-profit organization uses Good Friday domain in TV ad

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I had to share this quick post with you today as I was quite surprised, yet impressed by a non-profit or religious organization’s use of a domain to celebrate Resurrection Day 2016, also known as Easter by some.

I happened to be watching tv when I caught Good Friday 2016’s advertisement.  I wasn’t really aware of what it was or who was hosting it.  

Why more Austin companies are owning their market with geo keyword domains

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It’s been a few posts since I last shared some of my experiences of traveling around Austin, and encountering businesses that understand the importance of owning and operating a geo keyword digital presence.

With many small businesses being focused on a given location and market, often times not many business owners are able to wrap their minds around the importance of a domain name and its direct correlation to their business’ bottom line.

For the many that don’t seem to get it, there are a handful that do get the importance of a digital presence for their business.

And today, I want to share I few businesses that I encountered in recent weeks that, by my book, get it! 🙂

Round Rock-based tree removal finds profitable success using keyword geo domain

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In between my travels throughout Austin and Texas in general, I encounter a multitude of billboards, signage, businesses and mobile advertisements that use all sorts of domain names.

With nearly 2 million people in the greater Austin Metro area, having the appropriate and most lucrative digital presence is a MUST in a highly competitive market.

Supply and demand works against businesses in Austin Metro area in regards to owning and operating your business using geo keyword domains.

It’s not easy to get one’s hands on a “Austin + keyword” domain or any other city surrounding Austin. Most have been owned and operated for at least 15 years, if not longer.

So that begs the question. Is it possible to have the same profitable success using the inverse domain, meaning using a “keyword + city” domain?

Austin’s Premier Eye Doctor Clearly Sees Domain Value

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If you ever cruise down Jollyville Road in Northwest Austin just before you get to Oak Knoll, then it is likely that you will spot an Austin-based business that is clearly *seeing* their way into a profitable future.

Located across the street from the Jollyville United States Postal Service (Post Office), this small business’ sign is quite easy to read and simple to understand.

In short, they are all about helping those of us with eye and vision problems see correctly. The company I’m referencing is no other than

A Local Austin-based Home Builder Finds Value and Power in a Domain Name

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It’s been a while since my last post local market businesses using domains to crush the competition.

I’m quite excited to share with you a recent Austin business I found that “gets it” and an article that brought it all home for businesses needing to solidify their presence on the web.

I stumbled across Ali Zandi’s most recent blog post, A Letter to Companies Without a Premium Domain. WHEN, not if, you get a minute, take a minute to read and share with fellow business owners.

In short, Ali, a domain industry veteran, expresses and shares the downfall of companies not owning a premium domain.

Smalltown USA businesses use domains to their advantage

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So this week, I spent a bit of time traveling Hwy 290 from Austin to Houston (Conroe, Texas to be exact) to see my wife’s family and to pick up our boys from a much needed vacation.

As we traveled, a few things jumped out to me in regards to businesses and their use of domains on billboards, and their business offices and signage.

Traveling round trip, I saw quite a few billboards, and business offices and signage with domains plastered on them.  I’m left thinking that some business owners get while others are simply burning marketing dollars.

I won’t cover who doesn’t get as I’ll be writing until the cows come home and some. However, I do want to share some thoughts I had about the following domains I saw that intrigued me.

Hats off the business owners and their use of such great domains to build their business and future upon.  They get it!

Austin-based mattress company is killing competition with .com domain

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Just wanted to share a story with you about an Austin business owner that gets it! The “it” I’m referencing is the value in owning and operating his Austin-based mattress company using keyword-rich domains.

As our boys move into the toddler stage, my wife thought it was a good time to transition them to twin beds. - Discount Mattresses of Austin, TexasWe live not to far from a mattress store (as shown in the picture) that we’ve done business with before. I hadn’t realized it, but soon found out that it had been in business for the past 11 years. Again, we had purchased a few mattresses from this company over the years.

Nevertheless, my wife had been by the mattress store and found our oldest son both a twin mattress and box spring. So of course, ole’ dad was tapped for pickup and delivery services.

Luckily, the store is about 5 minute ride from our house, if that. I didn’t think nothing of pulling up to the store, Austin Discount Mattress. I was simply there on a pickup and delivery assignment, and back to the house in short order, so I thought.

When I entered the store room floor, I was shocked to see their wall. In fact, I was so excited that I had to take pictures of the store, and meet the owner if I could.